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Let's Make This A Winning Situation, For Almost All Involved

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The Wall Street Journal got service-y today regarding the matter of how to fight back when someone registers a domain name in an effort to let the world know what they think of your company, a la (BoAS was started by former customer Jonathan Speigner five years ago and is now regarded as the "Official Bank of America consumer opinion site.") But, uh, who cares if Ken Lewis loses sleep over Google ego searches that return results all chronicling his firm's predilection for storing balls in its mouth? No one. We're pretty sure, however, that what the subversive writers over at the J really intended to do with this article was to get the wheels turning, as there are many of you out there with something to get off your chests, such as:*
Unfortunately for you, we just bought those names but if you have enough anger inside you over your recent firing or the fact that the stewards are your capital just disclosed that they are shutting down after bleeding out the ass for several months, we're willing to negotiate a price.
How To Handle '' [WSJ via Gawker]
*Honestly, I cannot believe this one wasn't registered but ka-ching for us, it wasn't.