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Meredith Whitney On Shitichovia: "Seems Like A Really Complicated Deal"

The Dollar Dominatrix was on CNBC just now discussing the Citi, Wachovia deal, sounding less than ebullient. Her lack of enthusiasm was probably the result of a confluence of factors including her documented disdain for bothbanks, the "ten billion dollar hole WB just put in C," and the fact that she's currently in Vegas, and had to get out of her bed at the Bellagio for this shit. (JK: she's been at the craps table since 7 am.) She noted she's still "a seller" of Citi, which was probably to be expected. Chiming in to contradict Whitney was Hank Paulson, who said he "commends the action." I know The Hammer can hold his own, but I'm not going to say I'm not still scared for him.


Meredith Whitney Is Returning To Her Roots

Running a hedge fund is out, making Citigroup wish it had never been born is (back) in.