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More Collateral Damage From The Fall Of Lehman

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This is an absolutely horrible rumor we hope not to be true. At left, we have Bella, in her Lehman Brothers directory photo. She's the guard dog at 745, loved by all for many years, but even more so after she attempted to bite Richard Fuld as he was leaving the building last week. Heartbreakingly, the newly formed Barclehs is allegedly not choosing to keep her on staff. We're going to go down there later in the week to try and talk some sense into the Brits, but we're expecting the worse, as they are not dog people. If that doesn't work, there has to be someone out there who'll take her in. Stevie would, but with the snipers and Tonton Macoutes, he's all set on security. Crab hands?
Update: A Times Square neighbor adds:

The LEH dog has been a source of amusement for many of the area high rise dwellers. The LEH building has a glass enclosure at its top which we look down upon from here. This enclosure is a few stories tall, has some equipment in the middle, but is otherwise a pretty cool open space way up high. A few times a day, there is a big black dog that is let out there. The dog runs around for a bit in its unusual glass penthouse and then goes back inside. A few months ago we had a summer associate look into the mystery of the dog, and reported back to us from his contact at LEH that it was most likely the LEH guard dog. The strange sight of a dog running around in a glass enclosed rooftop was always a welcome break from work and will be sorely missed.