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Opening Bell: 09.04.08

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CNBC in tie-up with LinkedIn (FT)
CNBC and LinkedIn are working on a joint venture to combine their business audiences. For CNBC, it's an attempt to monetize their web content. For Linkedin, content directly relevant to one's profession and one's connection should provide users with reasons to back to the site. It's something that a lot of business sites, including the Wall Street Journal, have been mulling for months. CNBC is the first to really make a move, however, to combine social software and news.

Frozen Credit Is Starting To Thaw Out
The volume of outstanding commercial paper has hit its highest level since April. This will be taken as a sign that the credit markets as thawing. But be cautious about this news. Bank credit is still tighter than Sarah Palin's speech, and the rise of commercial credit may actually indicate the lack of other forms of credit.

Mixed Signals At Lehman
Is Lehman Brothers selling just a part of itself or the whole kit-and-kaboodle? No one really knows. The confusion is likely making either move more difficult. No one wants to get too far negotiating either deal if the other one is still in the works.

European Banks Leave Key Rates Unchanged
The European Central Bank and the Bank of England left rates unchanged. For quite some time, nearly every one has expected that recessionary pressure would allow the ECB to ease rates. But that doesn't seem to be in the works. If anything, the ECB seems to be getting more hawkish about inflation fighting.
HSBC says super-rich clients moving into cash
(Reuters via IHT)
Stocks have gone nowhere for years, structured products have proved toxic and even the safest bonds are hurting, so it should be little surprise that wealthy investors are hoarding cash. Of course, the government can undue the value of this strategy by inflating the money supply so there's really nowhere you can hide. Even gold isn't safe. In the past, when governments worried holding gold was hurting the economy, they simply made it illegal. Buyer beware.