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Plus, You Know, The Fact That The Book Is Called "SNOWBALL"

We'll have a more extensive take on this later but right now, gotta say, not too pleased with what we're reading about the Warren Buffett biography, which came out today:

Buffett, [writer Alice Schroeder] says, is an "endless well of neediness'' -- a man hungry for affection who can't function without female companionship and who flees anything that might expose him to public criticism. When his first wife left him in 1977, "he wandered aimlessly around the house, barely able to feed and clothe himself,'' writes Schroeder, a former insurance analyst who spent more than five years on the book.

I'm not demanding we get some rosy picture of the life and times of The Oracle Of O, free of sadness and depression and unwise investments in Salomon, in which Buffett swims naked in a pool of Cherry Coke and is spoon fed a constant supply of See's candy by ten Playmates* who he in turn eats Oreo Blizzards off of every night but-- actually, that's exactly what I'm demanding. If we don't find more evidence of the aforementioned, we'll just have to write it ourselves. So far, this is making us feel slightly better:

[Buffett's] legions of admirers include porn star Asia Carrera, who called Buffett her "idol'' on her Web site.

Buffett Craves Love, Makes Mistakes, Billions in Authorized Bio [Bloomberg]
*He's old school, you know that.