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Revised Proposal

Here it is, courtesy of CNN. Summary of 100+ pages by Commenter Guest: "new version-- taxpayers get a quasi reach around."
Politico's Daniel W. Reilly writes that Sen. Judd Gregg said this afternoon that the various people consulted with on the bailout claimed this was "worse than anything they had ever seen," and outlined "specific and graphic scenarios" that would ensue should Congress fail to act. Considering that Warren Buffett was one of those advisors, shall we take a gander at what sort of graphic picture was painted, the details of which we're sure to see in a snuff film released just in time for the holidays? I love the old kook but you know he went there* (*"You see, Gregg, if this thing doesn't go through, the US will be a lot like the extras on a Russ Meyer set after I drop by for lunch: screwed. Fucked. Ridden hard and put away wet. I don't want to scare you, Gregg, but we're staring down the barrel of this country becoming the equivalent of a dead hooker. And you know The Oracle has no use for those. No judgment here but I've yet to see the appeal of the necro fetish. If I was looking for zero response, I'd got with a Real Doll, am I right? Now, where'd that box of See's go? I just had it here.")