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Ruling Out HSBC

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We are not the only classless vultures trying to make a little $$$ off of the stuff happening over at LEH. DealBook reports that as of this morning, the domains,, and have all been purchased. As for the first, we're fine with a little competition, especially when that competition doesn't hold a candle to Regarding the last two--I'm going to pass on this bit of anecdotal evidence we received last night, which probably proves nothing but which we are clinging to for dear life, as we've already put in our two weeks in anticipation of flipping this baby for an amount that will afford us the luxury of not needing a job:

....a friend of mine works in M&A at HSBC and he hasn't been working late or going in early this week. And with that I can officially knock down any "HSBC is buying LEH" rumors.

Betting on a Lehman Merger in Cyberspace [DealBook]