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Rumor Mongering Of The Day: Commodities Stock Liquidation

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Are we in the midst of a great unwinding of commodities stocks? When Ospraie announced it was closing down its flagship hedge fund after suffering crippling losses in the commodities markets, many began looking around to see who else might be injured. Lehman Brothers, which took a 20% stake in Ospraei, was an obvious candidate. But what about the other hedge fund players who may have taken positions similar to Ospraie?
CNBC's Bob Pisani just said that "what's really got people talking" is the movement of the commodities stocks. "We're seeing some liquidation in some of these big commodity names," he said. "This is not normal and it's fueling speculation that their are other funds that are out there that are liquidating commodities stocks."
Is Bob right? Our usual sources on this stuff have been unhelpful, pleading ignorance due to over-extended Labor day vacations. So let's take a survey of the readers. Who is liquidating commodities stocks? What's driving the sell-off?