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Sarah Palin: Steve Forbes In A Skirt?

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We all know that Sarah Palin gave the Best Speech Ever last night. But how does she stand on economics and the issues facing Wall Street?
We turned to a Republican party insider for some clues.
"Palin is the most libertarian candidate we've had in ages. She's a deeply committed tax-cutter. She believes tax cuts boost the economy and believes that individuals spend more efficiently than government. Think Steve Forbes in a skirt," he said.
Our insider, who asked not to be named, also said Palin represents a clean break from the spend-thrift Republican machinery that dominated the party for years. "She genuinely wants smaller government, a government that does less not more," he said.
What about issues such as mortgages, the Federal Reserve, inflation, Fannie Mae and international trade?
"She's not up to speed on those but they're briefing her. She's got all the right instincts, and isn't in hock to the housing and banking lobby, which is a refreshing change," he said. "But we'll have to stay tuned."


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