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Scenes From A Bailout

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Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan co-signed a letter calling for lawmakers to take action to relieve the financial crisis. [Real Time Economics]
Maestro69: you're welcome
Maestro69: "the oracle has spoken"
Maestro69: QED
GaldalFed: yeah, i saw your note. thanks, but I think we're good here
Maestro69: yeah, you are now, benji
Maestro69: dont think for a second, Gilligan, that they would've listened to you if I hadn't stamped it with my seal of approval. I own all those Hill Bitches (every time I hit the District it was a 1-2 punch. after i tapped it, i autographed it).
GaldalFed: whatever, busy here
GaldalFed: I've been up the last 8 nights straight reading texts from the great depression
GaldalFed: making sure we can avoid the next one
Maestro69: wow, benji, loosen up, you're too tight
Maestro69: you need to dip your wick in something sweet
Maestro69: when I was King I got so much puss it wasn't even funny
GaldalFed: stop it, i can't think about that now
GaldalFed: do you have any idea the dire straits we're in at the moment?
Maestro69: i told you, take the 3 rules from maestro's play(a)book
Maestro69: 1. talk like you know your shit, even when you don't
Maestro69: 2. cut rates like a thai hooker with the clap
Maestro69: 3. when in doubt, print it out
GaldalFed: with all due respect it's that kind of thinking that's turned our country into a banana republic
Maestro69: are you daring to sass me, pipsqueak
Maestro69: you hear that sound? that's the sound of the maestro's rolodex closing up on your ass
GaldalFed: what the hell are you talking about
Maestro69: i own every bitch's ass in corporate america
Maestro69: dont expect a cushy gig on the other side
Maestro69: you'll be back to playing D&D with your fellow academics
GaldalFed: alan, do you not get it?
GaldalFed: we'll be lucky if we're not all peddling apple carts in 6 months
GaldalFed: or worse, you and i could be hanging from lamp posts
Maestro69: maybe YOU will, you beared fruit
Maestro69: in 6 months i'll be headlining the UBS conference in the Maldives, pocketing 300 large for a giving a 5 minute speech and then sipping pina coladas with ten of UBS's finest investor relations bunnies
GaldalFed: why do you always have to do this alan?
Maestro69: preacha tellin' the truth and it hurts!
GaldalFed: I hate you
Maestro69 has signed off
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