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Score One (Zillion) Points For The Gutless Hypocrites!

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I know we work up a lot of righteous indignation on behalf of the short selling community over the ass backwardness that is the ban. All of it it warranted-- especially that which is thrown at people like the proprietors of GLG and Man Group-- but this might actually be the last time we act as a proxy for the particular injustice that is the Long Only Suction. Because it will probably be difficult if not impossible to top the richness of this latest episode. AMB Property (an Industrial REIT) was not one of the original Lucky 799. Since the barrier to entry was non-existent, the company requested it be added to the list last Monday. Then on Wednesday, it oh so coincidentally decided to slash earnings guidance for the remainder of the year (which, we're told, they did on a property tour in Europe that unless you were on or listening in on the internet probably didn't notice). And on Friday night, AMB proclaimed with flourish that they wanted off the list because, they told The REIT Newshound,* "It didn't feel right. We believe we're a good company and if someone wants to short us that's okay."
*Which is apparently "The Page Six of the REIT world."


Steve Cohen's Love For Chris Christie Knows No Ironic, Hypocritical Bounds

Brothers don't shake hands, brothers gotta hug (/momentarily put their vast Wall Street ties aside to attack their brother from another mother's rival for having...Wall Street ties).