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SEC: Welcome To Pakistan

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The WSJ is reporting that the SEC plans to temporarily ban short-selling, if Chris Cox-- who apparently did not get yesterday's note-- doesn't get his face ripped off first.
Interestingly enough, we've been told that earlier this week, Steve Cohen had instructed his Tonton Macoutes to stay on the sidelines re: making money off the banks. So this cannot make him happy. Only Steve Cohen tells Steve Cohen he can't short stocks. Sleep with one eye open, Christopher, and maybe see if Blankfein and Mack will return the favor you've bestowed on them by providing some sort of safe house.
P.S. According to Bloomberg, Cox and Co. are meeting right now to come up with more ass-backward rules. So what I'm thinking here is someone find out where, and we'll throw a grenade through the window. Einhorn pulls the pin.