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Short Congress

The correlation between Congress holding court on anything market related and the S&P 500 would be alarming if it wasn't so obvious. Why hasn't someone already started the Congressional Hearing Leveraged Opportunities Fund?
Update: Count on our readers to have this one figured out already.

Singer, a Libertarian-leaning former investment banker with more than 20 years experience covering small-cap stocks, runs the Singer Congressional Fund (SCF), the strategy of which is based on a unique theory: that the markets do significantly better on the days when our Congressional lawmakers are on vacation. For example, August is a good time to be long stocks, and so is the end of October, Singer says. Singer buys stock indexes, individual small-cap stocks and derivatives; but, he is out of the market (or has significantly reduced positions) when Congress is in session.

Fund Manager thinks government is bad for business [Registered Rep]
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