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Special Sushi For A Special Lady

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We are pleased to report receiving a cake on-air wasn't the only way birthday girl Bartiromo celebrated her big day. MB was spotted at Nobu 57 last night dining with a gentleman we presume was husband Jonathan Steinberg, and though the waiter is said to have screwed up her order (4 bottles of sake and 1 spicy tuna roll), he apologized profusely and gifted her with free food for the faux pas. Our mole at the restaurant also claims that at one point the lady of the hour "had put her feet up, sans shoes, on the chair across from her" and was "predictably [discussing] the Lehman situation."
Also eating fish at the establishment last evening-- Bill Clinton and his entourage. Apparently a secret service agent came over at one point and the two "talked and name-dropped for a few minutes," which is awesome, as I didn't realize secret service agents were allowed to shoot the shit on the clock.


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