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Steve Jobs Is Still Alive

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We were going to write a snarky comment about how Steve Jobs, that skinny guy who runs the company that makes iPhones and stylish computers, is totally still alive and thinks his health (or lack thereof) is a private matter except when he needs to generate publicity for minor product announcements, but New York Times' columnist Joe Nocera beat us to it.

You know what I think? When it comes to these rumors, Mr. Jobs isn't beleaguered at all. I think he likes having half the world wondering about his health. I think he likes the fact that Bloomberg accidentally put his obituary on the Web. It's a lovely reminder about just how important he is in the culture. It means half the world is spending time thinking about, well, him. Far more than anyone in hedge fund land, he himself was most responsible for the rumors, by acting so absurdly secretive. His narcissism isn't pretty, but it sure is effective.

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