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Television's Awful Coverage Of Lehman's Fall

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One thing that has been obvious today is that our networks and cable news channels are completely inadequate to the task of covering a story like this weekend's Lehman Brothers negotiations. CNN, MSNBC and Fox News all remained steadfast in their political coverage. We couldn't imagine a weekend when we were less interested in listening to Barack and Joe, John and Sarah and all their surrogates trade mostly-dull "barbs" over policy issues. Bloomberg TV broadcast prefab news for most of the day, with hourly updates today. CNBC didn't broadcast any new content yesterday, and is right now showing an infomercial entitled "Houses for $300," which seems unhelpful.
Fortunately, that's about to change tonight. Starting at 8 PM ET CNBC will run a "Special Report" about the fall of Lehman Brothers. It will be anchored by Dylan Ratigan and Melissa Lee. Special will include reports from CNBC Global Headquarters from CNBC On-Air Editor Charlie Gasparino and CNBC Senior Economics Reporter Steve Liesman. It is scheduled for one-hour, but might go longer depending on breaking news.