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That's Ok, T. The Book's Still A Bestseller.

Wind windbag Pickens has seen better times. Caught on the wrong side of energy investments and leverage, his 30% and 84% losses in two funds have cast over $250 million of his personal stash to the winds and left investors another $750 million shy. To hear him tell it, the sudden dislocations in the energy market over the last three months caught him unawares. But don't worry, its all temporary. (Sort of like the sudden spike in energy markets the three months before that? One man's unfortunate dislocation is another man's genius thesis).
Pickens insists that "Oil likely will finish the year around $120 or $125 a barrel." If he really thinks so, wonder why he reduced his exposure to energy so dramatically when it toyed with $90. Between this and that whole Yahoo thing, we wonder if our favorite oilman should spend less time standing on a soapbox and more time with his analysts.



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