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A lot of people--such as the ones who maybe brought the place down--would probably like it if the name 'Bear Stearns' was never mentioned again. Well too bad for them because Charlie Gasparino has a book to write and he's gone digging--DEEP. And diligent investigating has uncovered some dark shit regarding how things really went down at 383 Madison Avenue. No Sleeves has learned-- exclusively-- that if JPMorgan--are you ready for this? I mean really ready?--had let Bear fail, the market impact would have been devastating. Talkin' systemic loss. Talkin' dominos. Talkin' OTHER BANKS failing.

And it doesn't stop there. We, too, are writing a book on those fateful days and, not giving too much away, cause you're going to have to buy that shit just like everyone else, sources have more or less implied that for the last twenty years, Ace Greenberg and Jimmy Cayne would each--without the other's knowledge--insert their DNA into one another's burgers at lunch. And we've got proof which I don't think I have to tell you was hard to come by.