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The Lehman Bankruptcy At A Glance

Best observation:
It might be a good idea to expand the maximum check-box answers on the form for:
Estimated Number of Creditors (Over 100,000).
Estimated Assets (More than 1 Billion).
Estimated Liabilities (More than 1 Billion).
Potential Inaccuracies:
"Does the debtor own or have possession of any property that poses or is alleged to pose a threat of imminent and identifiable harm to public health or safety?" Yes [ ] No [X].
(Though, I suppose it is possible Dick Fuld has been fired, and this is why his ego is not triggering this provision).
Most Potentially Screwed Creditors (though note that some of these may be listed in their capacity as trustees for the debt issues, not as creditors):
CitiBank, Bank of New York (jointly): "Approximately $138 billion" in "Bond Debt."
Bank of New York (solely): $17 billion.
Aozora Bank, Ltd., Tokyo: $463 million.
Country Other Than The United States With Most Potentially Screwed Creditors:
Japan- about $1.6 billion. (First the real estate in the 80s, now this, HAH!)
Best "That About Sums It Up" Figures:
Total Assets: $639 billion. (AHEM!)
Total Liabilities: $613 billion.
Most Obvious Equity Pain:
Name / % of Common Stock Held
AXA and related parties / 7.25%
ClearBridge Advisors, LLC and related parties / 6.33%
FMR LLC and related parties / 5.87%
Method For The Very Broker-Dealish Lehman To Avoid Chapter 7?
File at the holding company level?