The Steve Jobs Of Finance?

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You sort of knew that the Bangkok Bank Flu was going to hit the regionals and super regionals once they saw the haughty WaMu brought low. I suppose it means something that Dimon et. al. have made provisions for expensive refurbishing given that many WaMu branches don't have vaults in them. That has to be some kind of indicator worth paying attention to. (Recommendation: A PIPE transaction with Fischet).
National City has broken the $3 floor, after a 40%ish drop, its paper probably on its way to the non-existent WaMu vault. Fifth/Third, which had been pretending not to notice for some time, is starting to notice. Wachovia took at 30% haircut. Wells Fargo, however, having been sprinkled with Magic Buffett DustTM is up 5%. That stuff bends space and time to such an extent that Steve Jobs might defacto have given up his monopoly on the Reality Distortion Field.TM
Update: Relax, Asian bankers. We weren't suggesting another Thai currency crisis or anything. Just a highly virulent fiscal bug that is going around in the new center of American Finance: North Carolina.

Wachovia, National City tumble on bailout, WaMu news