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They're Voting!

That's it! They've got 15 minutes...get YOUR say in before then.
1:35: 122 v 111, for v against
1:37: 137 v 139, for v against
1:39: 145 v 142, for v against
1:41: 168 v 172, for v against
Barnett "Barney" Frank!
1:44: 189 v 208, for v against
1:47: 203 v 227, for v against
Dow Down 500 Points
1:49: 205v 228, for v against
You can change your vote; ONE person has
1:53: 207 v 226, for v against
2:02: The 207 number is holding, because politicians are pussies and no one wants this pinned on them in case it backfires. I still have the C-span audio on and it just sounds like people milling around chit-chatting. Shouldn't now be the time for yelling? Or for Barney Frank to get into that fistfight?
Asking: "Does anyone wish to change their vote?" Some asshole does:
2:07: 205 v 228