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Totally Unfounded Rumors: Midday Ratings Summary

It is another edition of the totally unfounded rumor ratings summary. Lots of developments since the last installment, of course.
How are you the reader expected to know which rumors are ok to spread overtly and which require the use of special clandestine services tools like a hoarse whisper outside of Dick Fuld's office? Our ratings system to the rescue!
Rating / Description
- Investment Grade-
AAA / Very Reliable
AA / Reliable
A / Mostly Reliable
BBB / Might Be True
BB / Sketchy
B / Countrywide Sketchy
CCC / Unlikely
CC / Really Unlikely
C / Heard it From The Iraqi Minister of Information
D / Heard it From A Lehman Conference Call
BRK AIG (Berkshire in talks to buy AIG): B (downgrade from BBB)
GS MS (Goldman in talks to buy Morgan Stanley): C (downgrade from CC)
LEH Bond Salesmen (Lehman Broker Dealer Still Operating): D (coverage terminated)
BCS LEH (Barclays in talks to buy some of Lehman): AAA (coverage terminated)
MS = 0 (Morgan Stanley Liquidating pre-merger): coverage initiated with: D

Got any we should initiate coverage on?