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Vikram Pandit Mistakenly Given Credit For Joke Of A Tagline

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I don't know Citi's Chief Administrative Officer Don Callahan very well and don't think I want to. Those intimately familiar with the Don might take issue with this and argue that he's a good guy but would a good guy perpetrate the following outrageous offense on elfin ball of love Vikram Pandit? I think not. In Financial Week profile today on the hot new trend of appointing CAOs on Wall Street, whose job it is to "guide their companies through some very challenging times," Callahan relays a story about road tripping it with Count Vikula to raise capital. We were more than happy to hear about Vickle's penchant to for raiding the mini bar for tiny Toblerones, wearing footie pajamas, and knocking on the door pretending to be a full-service housekeeper. We were not happy to read this bald-faced lie:

Amid all the traveling, "there were no weekends for us and there were very few nights," Mr. Callahan said. "It was on that first trip that Vikram came up with the new tagline "Citi never sleeps."

Excuse my language, but what the fuck? He may have been the bearer of bad news but Vikram Pandit DID NOT come up with that punch line of a motto. I can't speak for Callahan's boss but this seems like grounds for a firing (which would probably help more than a ban on color copies).
Hail to the Chief Administrator [FN]