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Warren Buffett Owns You

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Not content to deal with its "underperform" rating, Wells Fargo prodded its way into an Y-class full coach fare "neutral," rating, hopefully on the way to an upgrade that will land it right smack in the middle of Business Class. Buffett and his minions are on a tear, it seems.
Between this and the massive cash spend yesterday to fill certain coffers, things could even be mistaken for being on the right track. The next thing you know Goldman-- who not 45 minutes ago was languishing in the demoralizing pool of the unwashed masses, choking back sobs and cursing the airport lounge's refusal to play anything but CNN election coverage with deafening loudness, and praying, just praying to hear its name called off the standby list, even if it is butchered through the gate agent's horribly distorted PA in the process-- will be slapping the Flight Attendant's ass after binging on that horrid red wine airlines insist on serving up in First Class, dropping trou before mounting the drink cart on its second pass down the aisle, and facing charges for indecent exposure, failure to obey crew-member instructions, disorderly conduct and public defecation following an emergency diversion by the captain to Dallas. No wonder Buffett bought NetJets.