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We Have A ("Tentative") Deal

Pelosi and her boys emerge from that shady-sounding meeting and address the press. NP says they've "committed to a deal." But they won't tell us what it is until they "have it on paper." Reid: "We had a breakthrough an hour ago...We think that we should have an announcement tomorrow." Rep-cum-Caroline's regular Barney Frank adds: "I'm happy to say that in a few days I won't have to speak to any of the people who are here."
Remember, though: not a done deal yet. Let us never forget Thursday. *Someone* could still very well pop in at the last second in an attempt to save ruin everything.
Pelosi and Co. have said that they'll continue to work through the night.
Update: According to CNN, the "breakthrough moment" had to do with CEO pay. Pelosi is credited with coming up with an "idea" regarding executive compensation.
Update II: CNN says actually, according to a Democratic aide, the "breakthrough" had to do with protecting tax payers, so they won't be on the hook.