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What Goes Up, Must Not Come Down: Short Sale Rule Discussion

Yeah, yeah, we know. You love it. You hate it. It is the best of rules. It is the worst of rules. Cox is a genius. Cox is a knave. Cox is a gentle and tender lover. Cox is a heartless brute. Cox is responsive and virile. Cox is never there when you need him. Whatever your view, you can spout it here. (The Department of Justice is monitoring IPs in real-time, so berate the SEC at your own peril).
And while you are discussing, don't forget that September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day.


Culture Clash Coming at GLG-Man Group?

GLG founder Pierre Lagrange is mates with Brad PItt, an executive producer on Nicholas Cage’s new flick “Kick Ass” and he’s got rockstar locks of hair. But that kind of flamboyance may not fit hand in glove with the button-down culture of GLG’s new owner, Man Group.