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When Cramer Calls You A Communist, Is That Good Or Bad?

Let's do a little thinking here. Just a little.
Premise: Short selling is not illegal.
Premise: Spreading wrong information is illegal (short or long, makes no difference).
Conclusion: Let's freeze short selling of financial stocks and open a limitless probe into the evil practice.
This, dear friends, is the scintillating genius of Andrew Cuomo. We expect this brilliance, naturally, given his passionate dedication to prevent you from getting barely legal tail from Facebook, his blocking of the most efficient source of porn for when you can't get barely legal tail from Facebook anymore (USENET), his abundant and financially relevant experience as Clinton's Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and the fact that he has dropped out of races more often than Spitzer has banged working girls.
Ok, it may seem a little illogical at first, but when John Mack talks, people listen, damnit.