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Where In The World Is Representative No Vote?

So, this is kind of shady. Yesterday the Patriot Act Bailout Bill failed to pass, 228 nays to 205 yeas, with Representative Jerry Weller (R-IL) invoking the..."no opinion" option. At first we assumed Weller's decision to not cast a vote was merely a matter of him being a cough, pussy, cough. But maybe not? According to the Daily Journal, Weller not only missed yesterday's vote but all 30 votes since Friday. Additionally, his whereabouts could not be determined over the last few days. And, maybe most significantly, Weller already announced earlier this year that he would not be running for re-election, meaning he didn't have to worry about angering his constituents. We called the Congressman's office DC and Illinois just now; the former wouldn't comment (on anything), the latter went to voicemail.
Weller a no show on bailout vote [Daily Journal]