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Who Put The 'B' In CNBC?

The November issue of Vanity Fair has a story featuring two ladies near and dear to all of our hearts: Maria Bartiromo and Erin Burnett. Specifically, what may or may not be a network-manufactured rivalry between the "Money Honey" and the "Street Sweetie." Both parties claim the catfight is in no way based in reality, though Erin does admit to "getting it," telling writer Suzanna Andrews, "Maybe it's...a male-fantasy thing."
The timing of this article is actually quite a coincidence because just the other day we were wondering to ourselves if the fur was still flying between the two, or if the claws had been retracted. We were leaning toward the latter, and that made us a little sad. But since they whole thing is supposedly not real anyway, what we're thinking here is that we (you) should come up with some new scenarios that could be reignite things. Then we (me) will figure out a way to plant the seeds of said scenarios and we (me and you) will watch Catfight 2.0 grow. Or, since the whole thing's allegedly a sham (SO THEY SAY), you can just replay whatever we come up with in your heads as though it's real. Either way, someone wins.
Okay, so far, all we've got is 1. Some sort of love triangle involving Dennis Kneale and 2. A daily competition in which Charlie Gasparino places a piece of soprassata on set, equidistant between the ladies, and they must race, on-air, to grab it. Those both suck, but I bet you can come up with something better, and I challenge you to do so at this time. For inspiration, pics of the ladies from the article after the jump.