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Who Wants A Rolls?

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You know what would go nicely with the week everyone (even GOLDMAN), at various points, got their faces ripped off? A gaudy, classless luxury car show to remind you of the toys you can probably no longer afford (though don't let that stop you). We didn't have the initiative to pull something like that together, but luckily someone else did. The Motorexpo started on Monday and has been going strong all week, over at the World Financial Center. And apparently on Tuesday the event planners held a "parade" from the Waldorf all the way down to the home of Merrill Lynch Bank of America, taking a detour to drive past Lehman Brothers, a sight we are deeply sorry to have missed. And even though most of you can only look and not touch, we figured everybody could use some JO&C material this afternoon. It's pretty dark and grainy, but then again, most second-rate porn is.