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Will IBM Earn A Merit Badge Before The Week's End? Stay Tuned.

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You know our thoughts on the short sell ban, and its participants. We've been encouraging those companies shielded by the Long Only Suction to send a message that they are strong enough to take whatever the market throws at them, and slowly but surely, they're coming around. We suspect that in the coming days, the non-pussies will come out of the woodwork and in doing so, not only lay their stones on the table, but shame those sticking with Cox. We will be calling the members of the ever-growing former list Einhorn's Eagle Scouts, the latter Lamprey Longs. We'll update the roster of each as the information develops. As of now, those learning to tie knots and bird watching with D-boy are: Diamond Hill Investment Group, JMP Group, Greenlight RE, and American Physicians Capital.


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Brexit Will Never End

The latest fantasy to be dashed is the one in which there’s actually a day on which the U.K. and EU’s divorce is finalized.