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"You Don't Want To Keep It--Cash-- Around Forever, Otherwise It's Like Saving Sex For Old Age. At Some Point, You've Got To Use It"

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Buffett/Becky live-blog finally gets interesting!
Backtracking, a slightly:

Beckster: You've said no to everything...why now?
InvestingInTheBuff: There's no better firm...the price is right...the people are all just feels, SO RIGHT. I decided to write a check.
InvestingInTheBuff: I wouldn't be doing anything if the government wasn't going to back...I'm betting on them being would be a mistake [to do the deal] if they were going to walk away.
Beckster: Why would that be a mistake?
InvestingInTheBuff: There's just no telling what would happen.
Carl: Was last week the most frightening experience you've had in your life?
InvestingInTheBuff:The market could not have taken another week...I don't want to get into horror stories...but let me just say, never EVER give a fluffer a sand blaster and a bottle of Tabasco sauce without doing a background check first.
InvestingInTheBuff: Thank heavens Paulson had the imagination to step up with something like this. [Ed: Christian Scientists, while lacking any regard for their own well-being, have great imaginations.]
InvestingInTheBuff: The buyers of the instruments these days are going to do better than the sellers.
Joe: Some people are saying you're like a canary in a coal mine? You have a problem with that analogy?
InvestingInTheBuff: A. Yes, because you mentioned nothing about the canary banging all the other canaries in the coal mine, getting down there, rubbing coal all over each other. B. No, no prob as long as the canary lives.
Beckster: How does [your partner] Charlie Munger feel about the deal?
InvestingInTheBuff: I actually didn't tell him about it 'til it was done...he had a bad fall in Rochester, the sinner. But I called him last night. He's all for it.
InvestingInTheBuff: I try to bet on brains. And, you know. And it just so happened that GS had a rack I wanted to sink my teeth into.