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All Guard Dogs Go To Heaven?

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Bella is dead. I'm not kidding. We found out last night Lehman Brothers' main bitch, who was laid off by Barclays, was rushed to the hospital on her last day at 745, and diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer. She died on Sunday. Apparently she didn't want live in a world in which Lehman didn't exist. The silver lining here is that B-dog had been scheduled to make an appearance in Washington the third week in November, at which time Waxman was planning on grilling her about her role in the bank's downfall, and shame her over eating Kibbles 'n Bits when she should've been taking one for the team and going generic (Elijah Cummings had copies of PetSmart receipts ready to fire off and Rosa DeLauro had been practicing her Crazy Bitch on Bitch monologue for months). I'm just glad she won't have to dignify that shit with an answer. Anyway. Go bid on the now invaluable ID card. It's what Bella would've wanted.

Bella and her handler, Kevin, a few days before she died.