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And... They're Off (Narrative Fallacy: Morning Edition)

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Worked nicely into the open with a head fake from those super predictive index futures (ahem) and then kicked the S&P 500 right in the teeth with a 20 point drop.
Of course, this was to be expected. There is some panic in the air, after all. Asia melted down in response to our disaster yesterday, but melted down with such brutal authority, it is hard to shake off as a response to our meltdown. Sure, our wise leaders might have something to say today (rumor is they save such pronouncements for Thursdays and Fridays) but Beard is already being accused of having "nothing new to offer" when he takes lunch at the National Archives and the like. It takes Q&A to guide him into what we all want to hear. As many have observed this week, what's left for our leaders to offer?