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Attention Women Of Wall Street

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When crises of any sort strike, we always think the best way to tackle the problem is for clothes to come off. The good people of Playboy feel exactly the same way. Following the success of special Hurricane Katrina, Bay of Pigs, and Bubonic Plague issues, the magazine has announced that it looking for ladies who work (or worked) in the financial services industry to pose for an upcoming feature in the February edition called, "Women of Wall Street." The editors apparently got the idea following "the onset of the financial crisis, which has vaporized fortunes and left Wall Street reeling."
Getting down to business, the spank rag says it is "especially interested in those with more senior job experience." Several names come to mind. Compensation will be determined by how many women apply, though as photo editor Gary Cole wisely noted, "Whether you offer them $500 or $1,000 or $2,000 a piece, that's probably not going to change anybody's mind."
Bonus: we just so happen to have the copy of the "Women of Wall Street" issue from the 80s pictured above, which a reader sent over probably a year ago, but someone wouldn't let us post. Provided we can locate it, that shit's going up today.