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Capping A Brutal Week

A brutal day, no matter which side of the market you were on.
The only thing that amazes me is that we haven't hit any major circuit breakers yet.
The ride isn't over by a long shot, we think. Late futures trading is not looking optimistic and after a break while the CME decides how best to get their shit together, it looks like traders will continue to hammer index futures come Sunday. At least now we can all go home (or for a stiff drink or three).
The Dow ranged over 1000 points today. Let me say that again. The Dow ranged over 1000 points today.
We'll just see how the CDS auctions impact life, and what surprises are waiting over the weekend.
As usual during Periods Of CrisisTM we will be bringing you news flashes all weekend. You've got your iPhone, or your Blackberry. You can tune us in from the Hamptons (that last serious Middle-Eastern buyer is doing that walk-through tomorrow, you better be there).