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Collector's Items

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Okay, people--we've set up the eBay account. You can now vie to purchase the hottest, most in-demand calling card since Sam Israel's egret hit the market. That's right, the bidding on former Lehman Brothers employee Bella's ID begins now. After mentioning that perhaps the proceeds would go to laid off Lehmans, the peanut gallery, in an uproar, said it would prefer canines. That's still a possibility, but if I might, let me just say that perhaps a certain Bearded fellow and his friends might be the most hard up at the moment, and in need of our charity? We're the only ones who can save him from being auctioned off "Win a Date with Ben, Save the Fed" style.

Bella's ID Card
UPDATE: Bella has passed on (making this ID all the more valuable. Proceeds now definitely going to some sort of dog charity).