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Coming Soon: "Protections," For Your Protection

This kind of vague sort of quote is really maddening. Specifically, Bloomberg reports:

U.S. regulators are likely to extend a ban on short-sales of financial stocks and is considering new protections for all publicly traded companies, NYSE Euronext Chief Executive Officer Duncan Niederauer said. (Emphasis ours).

What might those look like?

The SEC is considering rules that would bar traders from shorting stocks if they drop more than a certain percent, Niederauer said. Other proposals include halting trading in stocks that drop more than a certain threshold, or reviving the so-called uptick rule, which allowed short sales only if a preceding trade boosted a company's stock price, he said.

Next: Expensive and beautiful silk panty garments - for everyone! (Why not? It's just as ineffective and does less damage).
SEC May Extend Short-Selling Ban on Financial Stocks [Bloomberg]