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Confidential To Those Casting Votes (Jerry Weller, Feel Free To Skip)

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As you know, the Senate is set to vote on the Patriot Act Bailout Bill tonight at 7:30, after they get back from temple. The package will include an increase in the cap to the level of deposits in bank accounts insured by the federal government to up to $250,000, as well as an extension to a bunch of renewable energy and various other business tax credits. Don Stewart, a spokesman for Republican Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said yesterday, "We're not going to sit around and point fingers, we're going to get the job done." Senator Corker (R-TN) told CNBC this morning that he thinks the thing will overwhelmingly pass this time, though, of course, that's what everyone was expecting on Monday and obviously that didn't turn out to be the case. We're confident it's going to happen (like that means anything) but just in case certain congressmen and ladies haven't gotten over their partisan crap, perhaps it would be best at this time to spread some perspective on this bitch.
The fact that Governor Corzine said to Erin Burnett yesterday, "We've got to pass this damn thing and get moving," is telling, since the grudge he should be holding makes Dem v Republican b.s. look like child's play. The man who started this whole thing, day trader Hank Paulson, humiliated Corzine back in the day, by staging a coup of 85 Broad while the Big Guy was on vacation with his family in Telluride, because he was pissed about the firm going public. Corzine was said to be "so devastated" that he "couldn't bear to go into the office," working out of a car in front of the building for the rest of his time at the firm. SO! One would think that the Big Man would be like to Paulson, "Fuck everything you do for all of eternity." If there's anyone as petty, or more petty than politicians, it's financial services hacks like yourselves and Jon (not a criticism, I'm a big fan of pettiness). But he's still supporting this thing. And if JSC is getting behind something created by a man who violated him in the most heinous back alley way possible, it must be pretty important. Or: it's part of a larger more insidious plan the dark contours of which have not yet been reveal to us.
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