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DealBreaker Before Dawn: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bailout

Barclehs, ever the strange emo child of finance, has decided to go it alone, and will tell the UK to take its bailout money and go pound salt. Taking bailout money is so conformist, yeah. They want nothing to do with it. Cool emo kids take their not quite $12 billion from the much cooler capital sources, like Qatar (that's Kay-Tur to you, pal), Abu Dhabi and such.
Of course, the decision has nothing to do with the UK executive bonus restrictions that come with taking bailout money. Making decisions based on bonus payouts is conformist. The 14% on preferred shares Barclehs will have to shell out to keep their adoptive parents from taking away the guitar and forcing a trip to Supercuts looks to us like an expensive expense (see what we did there?) to existing shareholders for the luxury of keeping senior bonus pools intact. Take that you UK financial authority conformists!
Barclays to Raise $11.8 Billion From Investor Group [Bloomberg]