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Dealbreaker Contest: No Rest For The Wicked

More bloodbaths in Asia? Check. (25 year lows in Japan would have been amusing just a pair of decades ago, you know). Moderate to heavy bloodletting in Europe? Check. It is poised to be another slap in the face of an opening, that is, if you think such things, and the index futures markets, have predictive value. Then again, index futures are rallying after having cratered to 825 around o'dark-thirty this morning, adding fuel to the "It's Different This TimeTM" crowd.
So who should we root for? A massive rally to end this downturn nonsense for the last time, and a return to the old-order, where investment banks ruled The Street and Goldman ruled the rulers (according to themselves anyhow). The kind of rally that the pessimists would say just prolonged the inevitable, is that what we want?
A dramatic, tumbling fall, complete with piles of broken ski equipment littering the hill above, drawing a long trail of graphite, injection molded plastic, and margin calls to the scene of the final "thud." At least this might get it out of the system. No?
So which is it? You know the rules. A switch of index this time. S&P 500 Index at 12:00 noon. Closest without going under wins it. We will call a "no more bets" around 11:30 or so in comments here.
Consider this a warm-up. Our closing edition will include a prize. No, really. A real prize. Stay tuned.