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Dealbreaker Weekend: Cramerwatch

The New York Times is (appropriately) rough with Cramer today. I don't spend a lot of time watching Cramer, so I feel sure someone will tell me why a picture of Lenin is in the background. (A hommage to Paulson, perhaps?)

...Jim Cramer, the happy warrior who cheered the Dow on his cable show surrounded by his menagerie of stuffed animals, sound effects and bobble-heads has traded the pom-poms for a votive candle, praying that the market finds a way to right itself -- and maybe restore some of the luster to his chosen profession.
After years of selling the stock market as a reliable path to riches, Mr. Cramer came in for some brutal criticism recently from viewers and competitors.

Indeed. To wit: Apparently, that central authority of business journalism excellence, Fox, has been taking steely advantage of the situation. (Much as you hate them, you have to love them).

Fox Business Network, sensing an opportunity to tweak CNBC, has developed print and broadcast ads that take ripe aim at Mr. Cramer, saying, "The last thing you need is bad advice. The last thing you need is Jim Cramer." To add insult to injury, Fox bought local time on CNBC -- beating up Mr. Cramer on his own network. (Nice touch, that.)

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