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Eat What You Kill

Who is surprised that Goldman might buy large chunks of Lehman's former private equity investments? I mean, to support the conspiracy theory you always need the "follow the money" phrase (and a montage that gets you from the early days at Goldman to the Duke brothers trading orange juice). We just thought we'd mention it and hint provocative that Goldman had something to do with the demise of Lehman.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Coller Capital and Lexington Partners Inc. are weighing bids for Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.'s investments in U.S. and European private-equity funds, people with knowledge of the matter said.

In other rumors, Goldman is bidding on all of Waxman's assets and looking to hire black-bag men to drug him and leave him penniless and naked in Mexico somewhere.
Goldman, Coller May Buy Stakes in Lehman's Private Equity Funds [Bloomberg]