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Epstein Gets Off

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Oh to hell to the yes, people. It's party time in a Palm Beach County prison. Supreme Court judge Edward Lehner has dismissed the case brought by transgendered model Maximilia née Maximilian Cordero against Jeffrey Epstein. Lehner wrote that Cordero, who claimed insanity was to blame for her engaging in sex with the massage enthusiast, was not nuts at the time, and any crazy behavior she might be demonstrating these days has to do with her drug addiction. Max, you'll recall, alleged that on one very special evening, probably their anniversary, Epstein put on a red wig and lipstick and said to Cordero, "Call me Janice"; and that at least one other time, she told Epstein "I'm Old Yella," barked like a dog, and threatened to bite him. But apparently that's not crazy, so, congrats, Mr. Eps! The Hershey bars and hand lotion are on us.
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