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From The Master Of The Obvious Files

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The Wall Street Journal takes on the woeful task of informing us that, sadly, waning economic influence will "Diminish American Sway." The "so long and thanks for all the memories" picture of Bush adds a certain mournful element to the tone, but Bush has been wearing a "Can we go back to Crawford yet? Please? Are we there yet, Dad?" look since about May, so the lack of novelty somewhat reduces the effect.
Given everything else going on, you do have to wonder after the Journal's concern over whether the Palestinian Authority will get its $150,000,000 this year. (Cue Dick Fuld with a sharp "One hundred and fifty million? I used to piss one hundred and fifty million.")
This is my favorite paragraph though:

The limits to U.S. power have become apparent in the Bush administration's final year, as it has struggled to end Tehran's nuclear program and failed to safeguard Georgian sovereignty during the Russian incursion in August.

Is it me, or is the Journal telling us that if the United States runs out of cash they are going to have to start bombing people to stay relevant?
Financial Crisis May Diminish American Sway [The Wall Street Journal]