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Go To Law School?

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Everyone's doing better than Dick Fuld and his former employees right now. That much should be obvious. Junkies, John Devaney, Gary Busey, Team Tosca. The lawyers are are in a significantly better place. Bloomberg reports that Weill Gotshal & Manges will be charging Lehman Brothers Holdings up to $950 an hour to handle its bankruptcy, while troubled company consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal will be paid $850 per hour to serve as Lehman's chief restructuring officer. Skadden will take home nearly $1000 per hour to deal with Dick Fuld's armed robbery charges-- something about going apoplectic over not having enough cash for a Cosi turkey wrap and solving the problem by demanding the cashier give him all the money in the register-- and Paul Weiss, which specializes in prostitution-related criminal defense, will pocket a whopping $1500/hour attempting to get Fuld off for soliciting businessmen on the corner of 55th and Park.