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Great News

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1. The Fed has given Wells Fargo the a-okay on the Wachovia deal, shortening the usual notice period due to "unusual and exigent circumstances affecting the financial markets, the weakened financial condition of Wachovia and all other facts," including the need to, while it might hurt in the short term, give Count Vikula closure.
2. CNBC put its Google to work and informs us that "Sports Day" is in commemoration of the 1964 Olympics.
3. Geoffrey Raymond, the greatest artist of our time, has finally done a Paulson. Our one issue with the piece is that it's called "The Screaming Pope," which sort of brushes the issue of Paulson being a Christian Scientist under the table. (We can't help but being fans of the Bald but can we really trust a man who has no regard for his own well-being? That's still up for debate.) Anyway, Raymond has set the bidding for his latest at $25,000.


Great News: Hunting Guest Of Louis Bacon Not Permanently Blinded By Bullets To The Face

His throat and arms, also hit, are okay, too. The chairman of auction house Sotheby’s has been shot in the face during a grouse shoot. Henry Wyndham would have been blinded had he not been wearing glasses when the accident occurred last Monday, the first day of the grouse shooting season. The Old Etonian was standing at his post – referred to in the shooting world as a grouse ‘butt’ – when a neighbouring gun was accidentally fired towards him, spraying shot in his arm, throat and face. Mr Wyndham was airlifted to hospital from the Scottish moor where the incident took place. He was treated for 52 lead pellet wounds. The accident took place on a hired estate on a shoot organised by American hedge-fund manager Louis Bacon, 56. Sotheby’s Chairman Henry Wyndham Shot On Grouse Moor [Bloomberg] Sotheby's chief airlifted from grouse shoot after being blasted by 52 pellets [DailyMail]