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Have Fun Storming The Citadel

So that $1 billion fund of funds that Citadel used to run? Yeah, not so much anymore. The "Fusion Fund" is no more, the capital now assigned to "emerging talent" or the like. Citadel is, apparently, moving to the incubator business. I guess we are supposed to think Tiger Cubs and the like?
It seems that 5% of the fund is outside capital. That will be "returned." (At par? You got me).
Citadel to Wind Down $1 Billion Fund of Funds, Shift Capital [Bloomberg]


SEC Posts Confidential Citadel Document

Oops. Those crazy porn-surfers at the Securities and Exchange Commission inadvertently posted a confidential earnings report from Citadel’s brokerage and market making unit on their website. The report, picked up by Bloomberg, shows Citadel Securities posted earnings of $81.6 on revenue of $1.01 billion last year.

Citadel Did Some Hiring And Firing This Week

Good news for some, less good news for others.