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Hedge Funds Dodge Paulson Cash Bullet (For Now)

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The Bald said on Bloomberg TV today that his and the Baldettes plan to inject capital into companies is "focused on regulated financial institutions...the program right now is for banks and thrifts," when questioned whether hedge funds would be "eligible." To commemorate this (possibly fleeting) event, we've decided to blow out our mug and tee offerings, and bring you the "My Money Or Your Life" line. Buy it while you're still safe.
In related, retrospective news. So far, at least two of the points from Dick Fuld's notes from his dinner with the Paulson have not so much panned out ("they want to kill the bad HFnds + heavily regulate the rest," "we have a huge brand with treasury") and we would like to know what he was on and where we can find it.


20th Century Bank Names Hedge Fund Giveaway For 16th Century Mathematician

Did you know the name of the guy who discovered the algorithm? Someone at Citigroup did, and he or she decided to rename its soon-to-be-given-away hedge fund unit after him.