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Hiring Watch '08: MER

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This is quite to very rich. The firm, which is currently performing a bit of rightsizing, was recruiting at Stern last night. I realize they still need cheap labor to scrape the name off the front door to make room for "Bank of Countrywide," and stuff a bunch of garbage bags with 200,000 unmarked fifties, but many of the bodies aren't even slaughtered yet, let alone warm.
Anyway, got to make the magnificent display of "too soon" work for you, right? So, in the interest of being service-y, we'll try and alert everyone about any upcoming campus visits Merrill is planning on making, so you can show up and perhaps find yourself re-gainfully employed. Or, alternatively, make a scene in front of any prospective new hires. If you're not going to tell them about the c-suite's overly friendly relations with barnyard animals, who will? (And for those who'd like to get a little creative: some sort of PETA protest-esque display wherein you douse the representatives with paint while screaming "murderers!" would probably be cathartic.)
Update: According to someone familiar with the proceedings, the whole thing was just for show. The faux recruiting session was just to maintain relations with the school, and no one will *actually* be getting jobs from Merrill. Everyone feel better now? Anyone? Peter Kraus?